dragging kurt out for a beer. easier said than done.

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I might be extremely close to just… booking a trip. These beach pictures are killing meeeeeeee. (Rachel surprised me with a trip to NYC. I can surprise her with a trip to Florida, right? Totally the same thing, right?) I just can’t get Key West out of my mind. The beaches, the drinks, the laid back atmosphere, the sunshine, the bungalows and friendly faces…

And I could rent a private bungalow with beach access. Leave all the doors open and feel the sea breeze… (Clothing would always be optional.)

Or going into downtown Key West is always an option. Sloppy Joe’s Bar and the Hog’s Breath Saloon. Maybe we could luck out and run into Jimmy Buffett and put on a group rendition of “Cheeseburger in Paradise.”

Oh how I want to go. I need it in my life. Lying on the beach with my wife, drinking fruity drinks and Coronas and watching the boys making fools of themselves on surfboards and bodyboards and burying Puck in the sand after he passes out falls asleep in the sun…

Reblogging this again because reasons.

I’m totally in!


or fourthed

idk, does quinn rebloggin herself count?


i haven’t gotten dressed in the past three days.

that’s what i call summer

always prepared


Surf, Sink, or Swim - Bo Diddley

Again, I ask how do we have guys that want to date us and be our boyfriends?


I really don’t understand. 

Tonight was a bro-night and what did we do?

We played Wii/Wii Fit. In short shorts and headbands. Neon ones. Oh, and tube socks. There were tube socks involved.

that’s why.

damn catch :p

save some for winter, you squirrel :p


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the sound i just made

Even cute while I stuff my face

studying is bullshit

fuck it, i’m goin in blind

“If we don’t pass these finals, we’ll sure as hell avenge them.”
~ My roommate (via pocket-sized-disney-prince)